Basic Facts and Features of the Ajisai Flower in Japan


More commonly known as hydrangea around the world, the ajisai flower signifies the ending of the rainy season and the coming of the summer season in Japan. Similar to the flowers ume, irises, and sakura, the ajisai flower is also highly adored by the Japanese people. Probably one of the many reasons for this adoration is the fact that the flower was actually first discovered in the Land of the Sun. On the other hand, the flowers are also popular in other countries such as mainland China.

Just like sakura-viewing, there is also a Japanese tradition of viewing ajisai flowers during its blooming season. The blooming season of ajisai flowers typically begins in early June and ends in mid-July. Sadly, foreign tourists visiting in April may not be able to watch these flowers bloom. There are various kinds of hydrangeas that bloom during this season. Flower or nature enthusiasts commonly wait for this season to catch the beauty of the ajisai flowers amidst the rain and gloomy season that is just about to end.

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