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Seven Flowers of Autumn (Aki-no Nanakusa / 秋の七草)

In Japan, there are Seven representative flowers of autumn  (Aki-no Nanakuksa / 秋の七草) as opposed to the Seven Herbs in Spring (Haru-no Nanakusa /  春の七草) which are edible wild herbs of spring.

The Seven Flowers Autumn provide visual enjoyment. Their simplicity was very much admired: they are small and dainty yet beautifully colored.
They are named as typical autumn flowers in a verse from the Man’yōshū (万葉集), the oldest existing anthology of Japanese poetry.

A verse by Yamanoue-no Okura (山上憶良 660–733 / a Japanese poet, the best known for his poems of children and commoners)

秋の野に 咲きたる花を 指折り(およびをり)
かき数ふれば 七種(ななくさ)の花
(Aki-no No-ni Sakitaru Hana-wo Oyobiori
Kakikazoureba Nanakusa-no Hana)
Meaning: When I count on my fingers the flowers that bloom in the autumn fields, I find there are seven.萩の花 尾花 葛花 瞿麦の花 姫部志 
また藤袴 朝貌の花
(Hagi-no Hana Obana Kuzuhana Nadeshiko-no Hana Ominaeshi Mata Fujihakama Asagao-no Hana)
Meaning: Bush clover, Japanese pampas grass, Pueraria lobata, dianthus, Patrinia Scabiosaefolia, thoroughwort and bellflower.

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