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Japan-America Society
The mission of the Heart of America Japan-America Society is to further understanding 
between the peoples of Japan and the Greater Kansas City area by promoting
social, cultural and educational exchanges.

Greeting from the HAJAS President

To Heart of America Japan-America Society Members--

New Year celebrations are very popular in Japan. The Lunar New Year, which is usually in February, is also celebrated there. Most parts of Japan are very cold in winter.

In Tokyo, snow is much more likely to fall after the start of the new year. People start to look forward to spring at this time of year—maybe it is one way to deal with the cold!

In addition to the cold, we are still dealing with COVID 19, which cannot be helped by thinking about spring. So, we need to be vigilant about hand-washing, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing.  Even if you have had the vaccine, you need to keep up these measures to protect everyone.

In the meantime, please check Nichibei Newsand Nichibei Express for information about general meetings and programs on Zoom.  This is a very trying time for the Heart of America Japan Society, as well as everyone else. We need to cooperate to beat this thing.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay warm!

John Lytton, HAJAS President

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