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The mission of the Heart of America Japan-America Society is to further understanding 
between the peoples of Japan and the Greater Kansas City area by promoting
social, cultural and educational exchanges.

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Greeting from HAJAS President


Because I have seasonal allergies, I anticipate the day the allergen levels will decline at the end of the season.  Recently, there was a period of a few days where alltergens were low, and I thought the season was over.  The first heavy frost will be a more definite end of the season.  I felt similar anticipation where there were signs that the COVID 19 virus was finally easing—so people are not wearing masks, congregating in eating/drinking spots, But now it seems this might not be the end, depending on what happens with Omicron and other variants.  Once again, we must refrain from many familiar holiday and year-end customs.  Well, there is still the beauty of nature to provide diversions.  Walks outside are more invigorating in cold weathers.  So let’s enjoy the season, safely!

John Lytton

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