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Japan-America Society
The mission of the Heart of America Japan-America Society is to further understanding 
between the peoples of Japan and the Greater Kansas City area by promoting
social, cultural and educational exchanges.

Greeting from the HAJAS President

To Heart of America Japan-America Society Members--

Japan is a rather watery place: rice is grown in wet
paddies, and bathing is a national obsession. The picture
shows irises in a garden of the Imperial Palace. Irises are
traditionally grown in flooded beds or the edge of a pond.
Seeing the beautiful flowers, the water, and all the green is
a wonderful impression. On the other hand, we still have
a ways to go in the fight against COVID 19. We have
made some progress, but it may be too early to let down
our guard. At least we are a bit more free to remove our
masks in certain outdoor conditions. Let’s keep up the
good work! Even in Japan, there are mask refusers and
COVID deniers. But in general, Japanese people are very
community-minded. Once there was a letter in the
English-language newspaper from a cranky old Japanese
guy. His complaint? ‘Young people these days are too
individualistic!’ This took me aback. I thought
individualism was a good thing. Now I am coming around
to the Japanese point of view. Some community-mindedness is developing in this country, but mostly
particular communities, and not ‘the community’ in
general. One benefit of this outlook: violent crime is
practically non-existent in Japan. The situation in this
country has, for some reason, brought increased bigotry
and even violence against Asians, Asian Americans and
Pacific islanders. I hope someday we will be a more
integrated society, in all senses of the word.

John Lytton, HAJAS President

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