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Heart of America

Kurashiki Youth Goodwill Delegation Program

About our program

Kansas City, Missouri -- Kurashiki, Okayama

Established: May 1972 (49 years in 2021 -- note 50th anniversary will be in 2022);

Annual student exchanges -- to and from Kurashiki;
Adult exchanges on each 5th year anniversary -- to and from Kurashiki;

For the 25th anniversary in 1997 of the Sister Cities relationship -- Kurashiki donated 25 Yaezakura double flowering cherry trees that were planted in a midtown park (Loose Park) in Kansas City -- Kansas City donated 25 Flowering Dogwood trees (the State tree of Missouri) that were planted in the heart of the city of Kurashiki in Friendship Square;

For the 30th anniversary in 2002, the Kurashiki government and citizens donated monies for a Japanese Tearoom and Garden that was placed in Loose Park -- the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department and Greater Kansas City citizens donated monies to fully fund the project (the Tearoom and Garden were dedicated in 2006 with Kurashiki Mayor Furuichi and a delegation from Kurashiki and local Kansas City governmental officials and citizens); 

For the 35th anniversary in 2007, Mayor Kenzo Furuichi brought 480 Kurashiki governmental officials and citizens to Kansas City for a week's stay on a JAL jumbo jet to celebrate this special anniversary -- many activities were planned for the delegation during their stay -- this was probably one of the largest Sister City delegations to come to its Sister City in US history!;

Very active Sister City relationship since inception.

Due to Covid, the program was cancelled in 2020 - 2022.

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